All Membrane Brine Concentration System (AMBC)

Advent Integral System

AMBC is truly a global technological breakthrough in Forward Osmosis based Desalination. AMBC starts where RO stops; in other words, while conventional seawater RO can achieve about 7 – 8% TDS concentration limited by the present commercially available membranes, AMBC utilizes special membranes and a highly concentrated draw solution that concentrates the feed brine from 7 – 8% to as high as 12 – 16% (depending upon stages, even more), without increasing the pressure beyond the 70 – 80 bar that is normal for any high recovery seawater RO. Thus, this bespoke technology uses ubiquitous components, which are easily available, economical and proven. The draw solution gets diluted while concentrating the brine, and is reconcentrated back using conventional RO. The AMBC replaces or drastically reduces the capacity of a falling film or forced circulation brine concentrator that is used in a typical ZLD project, with an operating cost that is small fraction of that of a thermal system.