SEPD is a SPV promoted by a cluster of over 800 micro, small and medium enterprises that are involved in processing of textile in the capital city Jaipur of the state of Rajasthan. These units are located within residential and commercial establishments and were being shut down by authorities due to lack of effluent treatment and disposal facilities. Advent Envirocare provided the much needed “hand-holding” to this unorganized cluster and guided them out of the statutory disarray, conceptualized the entire project, got them the grants from Government and is currently executing their 12.3 MLD Common Effluent Conveyance and Treatment Facilities Project with a 15-year O&M responsibility.

The project envisages use of advanced biological treatment with Integral Clarifier Sequencing Reactor, Ultrafiltration, Multi-stage Reverse Osmosis with intermediate TMF-based softening and Turbine-Compressor based Evaporator-Crystallizer with recovery of sodium sulphate. The entire ZLD CETP has been accommodated in just 1.1 hectare plot and has the lowest operating cost among any operational ZLD-based CETP in the country.