For the largest steel producer in the country, ADVENT provided a 16 MLD Zero Liquid Discharge Plant at its green field project in Orissa, offering 95% recovery through RO for a feed characterized by high hardness and silica level, amongst other impurities. The project incorporates high lime‐soda softening & dolomite treatment, MBR‐based Sewage Treatment, Multi‐stage RO for Desalination and Multiple‐effect Evaporator for disposal of RO Reject. The project uses TMF as pre-treatment to RO as well as for recycling of low TDS stream.

Along with blow-downs and neutralized effluent streams, one of the major feed streams to this ZLD system is the effluent from Coke-Oven ETP, also executed by Advent Envirocare. The Coke-oven ETP handles an exotic effluent containing very high levels of phenol, COD, colour, ammonia, thiocyanate, cyanide and colour and treats them to the statutory norms, followed by subsequent water recovery in ZLD supplied by ADVENT.